Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with a coach?

For many, it can feel overwhelming to make real, lasting change alone. Every top athlete has at least one coach. Musicians rely on teachers to improve their playing skills. The same applies to your health and wellness. Sometimes we just need the right person to help set goals, keep you accountable, and provide guidance and support along the way.

Plus, you and your health and wellness are worth the investment!

What is the difference between coaching and rehabilitation for alcohol addiction?

Each situation is unique, however coaching is a wonderful solution for individuals who are thinking about and open to the freedom an alcohol-free lifestyle provides. Rehabilitation for alcohol addiction may be needed for those suffering from physical withdrawals, may have tried to quit repeatedly, and whose symptoms are more intense and longer lasting.

Why work with Alison?

Alison prides herself on being a good listener. Being able to truly understand her clients’ needs, goals, and personalities enable her to create a pathway for their long lasting success. Her empathetic, compassionate, and gentle approach are the foundation for her commitment to each and every client. She has a lifelong passion for health and wellness, and takes the privilege of being able to coach others and share her knowledge, very seriously. 

Alison is also playful and believes that health and wellness should be fun. She infuses this same energy and levity in her own life, as well as in her relationships with family, friends, and clients.

How do coaching sessions take place?

All video coaching sessions are conducted safely and confidentially via Zoom. Prior to each virtual meeting, you will receive an email invitation with all pertinent details.

How do I get started?

I’m so excited to support your health and wellness journey! Start by clicking here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. On our call, I’ll get to know more about you – your health history, goals, current lifestyle, etc. From there we’ll determine what our next steps should be.

How much does a coaching package cost?

Please email Alison at alison@thehealthymomcoach.com for additional details on what each of the packages includes and for pricing information.

Does Alison take insurance?

Alison believes that individuals who take insurance are those who treat you when you are sick.  Just as other areas of a wellness plan one may utilize to improve their health and promote wellness, such as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, do not take insurance.   Working with Alison is an investment in your health & wellness to promote your longevity and prevent you from having to enter the sickness system. 

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