After years of struggling, I finally feel like I can live my life alcohol-free! 

I had been thinking about working with a coach to get support with my relationship with alcohol for quite a while. When I heard Alison on Annie Grace’s podcast, I really resonated with her story from a mom’s point of view. I was also really interested in learning about her journey to health and wellness. 

 Before coaching with Alison, I had been in an ongoing cycle of on-again, off-again drinking. I was drinking more than I wanted to almost every time I drank. And with that, came the self-disappointment, guilt, and shame. I was constantly judging myself and was really wanting to clear up the cognitive dissonance I had forever had around alcohol.  

I truly appreciated Alison’s positive and honest approach and how she always gave me the opportunity to discuss anything on my mind. She helped me create manageable goals each week and the journal prompts she gave me helped me think about things in a much deeper way.  

Since working with Alison as my coach, I have experienced many benefits that are sticking with me!   I feel so much more confident with my decision to become alcohol-free, am much more gentle with myself when I’m not perfect and I’m also feeling the positive effects of meditating, which has been a goal we set early on in our coaching relationship.

My time spent with Alison has had a very positive impact on my life! I am so much more insightful, educated, and mindful of the topic of alcohol. It has helped me start to break the unhealthy bond I’ve had with the toxic substance. I feel much better prepared and emotionally stronger. 

Lynn J., Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, Mom of 5 + Registered Nurse

Blessings continue to show up in my life!

Before starting coaching with Alison, I had been working on becoming alcohol-free for almost a year. Some triggers were so strong and the patterns so ingrained that without a solid plan, I fell back into drinking wine on and off that year. I wanted to get off the rollercoaster alcohol had created in every aspect of my life. I heard Alison on a podcast with Annie Grace, and instantly knew I needed her in my life!

From the beginning, she listened, she cared!  She had been in my shoes and came out of the struggle successfully!  It was life-changing to have her in my corner rooting for me and wanting the best for me. Alison helped me make an individualized plan that fit my needs, my lifestyle, and my desires. 

Through our time together she guided me into dialing in my healthy eating habits, create and maintain a meditation practice, and maintain a daily exercise routine.  Most importantly, I have had more alcohol-free time in the past few months than in the last 20 years and I am excited for my future, continuing on my path of positive health! 

Alison is kind, friendly, upbeat, experienced, educated and just the person I needed to help realize all the blessings in my life that alcohol hid from me!

Lori R., Oceanside, California, Stay-at-Home Mom of an Elementary and Preschool Age Kid

I never knew life like this could ever exist for me!

I was in need of support and tools to help with my regular overdrinking. I struggled with drinking more than I wanted to throughout the week and especially on the weekends. I was having a difficult time managing my anxiety and I would turn to wine at the end of the day, thinking it was helping.

Working with Alison was just what I needed to help me overcome my issue with alcohol. I loved that she listened to me and I never felt judged by anything I shared with her. She gave me great suggestions to work on each week and also different tips and tools to try. Alison was a great communicator and was easy to get in contact with if needed in between sessions.

Before I would turn to wine thinking it would relieve my stress and anxiety, but thanks to Alison’s guidance, I now know it was actually making my anxiety worse. She has inspired me to become much more aware and to make my self-care a priority.

My experience with Alison’s coaching has changed the way I think about alcohol. I never realized how much control it had over me and how much time I spent thinking about it! I feel healthy and have much more energy! I also feel more connected to my family. Before working with Alison, I never knew any of it could be possible.

Erica C., Bradenton, Florida, Stay-at-Home Mom of 3 Elementary School-Aged Kids

My relationship with alcohol is forever changed!

I decided to work with Alison because I wanted to work on my overindulging, especially with wine. I wanted tools and strategies to confront my resistance to change and cognitive dissonance around alcohol with long-held beliefs that it was a stress reliever and my social connection.

Alison’s support and coaching helped me see things in a new light and hold a spotlight on some false beliefs around alcohol.

And, even after the coaching ended, the impact of Alison’s work continued. After a great loss and deep grief, I was able to view my “relationship” with alcohol in a new light and not turn to it for comfort.

In fact, I’m alcohol-free and loving the TIME not thinking about and recovering from even minimal drinking has afforded me. I sleep, think, and look better.

Jen K., Darien, Connecticut, Stay-at-Home Mom of 2 Teenagers

From little hope to moving ahead with a life I never thought would be possible!

I’ve tried so many things to feel more in control of my daily overindulging (for me it was wine). With Alison by my side, she helped me gently explore a totally different way of reexamining my habits, the way I care for myself, my goals and whether my nightly drinks were helping or hindering.

To my surprise, Alison’s coaching has given me the confidence and understanding to try new things, and now I have a plan that includes continuing to explore life without overindulging.  What’s most interesting is I’ve learned more in just 6 sessions with Alison than in years of therapy! My “less overindulging” plan includes feeling safe, gaining a deeper understanding of myself and the gumption to move ahead with a life that I never thought would be possible.   

Teresa B., Irvington, New York, Accountant

I feel like I can finally breathe!

Since I began working with Alison for help with stress and time management, I’ve made progress in many areas of my health and well-being. She asks the most insightful questions, the kind that have sparked a constant stream of “aha” moments that have led me to lasting change.  Alison has an amazing way of helping me see situations and issues in a different way, and this reframing has led to many breakthroughs. I trust her, and I know that whatever I talk about in our sessions will be accepted fully, with an open mind and kindness. 

Alison brings such positive energy and inspiration to our coaching sessions that I always leave feeling like anything is possible.  I have grown so much as a person, just by working with her, and she has taught me tools and methods that I have incorporated into my life which guide me to react much more positively to everyday stress. 

Lisa L., Raleigh, North Carolina, Mom of 2 + Entrepreneur

Alison helped me get out of my head and make changes I’m excited about!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Alison as my coach. She is compassionate and truly wants to help people. She listens without judgment or pretense. She’s helped me figure out how to make my busy schedule work for me as a newly working mom of 2 young kids. She’s also helped me get out of my own head and into a new way of thinking about my issues from a different (better!) perspective. 

I appreciate that Alison herself leads a healthy lifestyle, including meditation and nourishing food choices, that I can draw on to help me make the better choices that I want to make. 

I value the time I’ve spent with her – it’s truly improved my life.  As a result of Alison’s coaching, I am able to work my part time job, take care of my family and still make my self-care a priority! 

Whitney M., Bentonville, Arkansas, Mom of 2 + Functional Medicine Health Coach