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Hi, my name is Alison and

I’m “The Healthy Mom Coach”

I’m so glad you found me! It’s clear that you’re interested in embracing a healthier and happier lifestyle, and it would be my honor to help you get there. As an entrepreneur and an often-spread-too-thin mom (yep, mom of 3 boys here!), I know that the key role we play in our families often means putting ourselves last.

It’s easy to forgo the workout because we’re too tired. I, too, have neglected my own wellness because I’m so busy doing household chores, running errands, and carpooling for afterschool activities. But…pilots are onto something when they say to put on your oxygen mask first. Take care of you, so you can take care of them! This means making self-care a priority, and not feeling guilty about it.

As a Health & Wellness Coach, I support moms in embracing a happier and healthier life by exploring supportive lifestyle choices, self-care practices, and making alcohol irrelevant, so they can be an even better role model for their kids.

Awaken to true health and wellness. Make the decision to embrace what you deserve…

Strength in
body & mind

Increased immunity & energy

More confidence

Improved relationships with yourself & others

…and so much more!

Self-care starts here

Did you know that we have some ability to choose whether or not we develop a chronic disease when we get older?

Epigenetics is the study of how the expression of DNA can be changed without changing the structure of DNA itself. Put simply, genetics alone doesn’t guarantee that an individual will develop a chronic disease such as breast cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s. Reducing physical and environmental toxins will help reduce inflammation, which can lead to a reduction in future disease risk.

Minimize the power of your genes by making sustainable positive changes to your lifestyle habits. Whether it’s evaluating your relationship with alcohol or managing stress, we have the opportunity to go down a different, more health conscious path.

By setting goals, changing unhealthy habits, and incorporating self-care as the foundation for your behaviors, complete health and wellness is possible for you.

Be the ultimate role model

As moms, making mindful decisions about our health is one of the greatest things we can impart on our children. Life is too short  and our children grow up so fast. That said, we have the privilege of setting a good example. The behaviors and mindset we put forward in our own lives can shape their own:


  • Attitudes toward health & wellness
  • Resilience
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Future decisions and relationship with alcohol

Let’s show our children the value of making healthy choices in all aspects of life.

My approach is compassionate, respectful, and gentle, and will ALWAYS  be centered around your unique history, current lifestyle, values, and future goals. The work we’ll do together will lead to lasting changes that enhance your well-being, elevate your confidence, and give you the freedom in body and mind you never thought possible.


What They Say

“Since I began working with Alison, I’ve made progress in many areas of my health and well-being. She asks the most insightful questions, the kind that have sparked a constant stream of “aha” moments that have led me to lasting change. She has an amazing way of helping me see situations and issues in a different way, and this reframing has led to many breakthroughs. I trust her, and I know that whatever I talk about in our sessions will be accepted fully, with an open mind and kindness. Alison brings such positive energy and inspiration to our coaching sessions that I always leave feeling like anything is possible.”

Lisa L., NC

I thoroughly enjoy working with Alison as my coach. She is compassionate and truly wants to help people. She listens without judgment or pretense. She’s helped me figure out how to make my busy schedule work for me as a newly working mom. She’s also helped me get out of my own head and into a new way of thinking about my issues from a different (better!) perspective. I appreciate that Alison herself leads a healthy lifestyle, including meditation and nourishing food choices, that I can draw on to help me make the better choices that I want to make. I value the time I’ve spent with her – it’s truly improved my life.

Whitney M., AR

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Alison is not a medical professional, she does not diagnose or treat diseases. The information that is provided on this website is out of the generosity of her heart to help support others on their health journey and is based on her own experience and education.