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helping women optimize their hormone health one step at a time.

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What I do

I help midlife women get great sleep, eliminate brain fog and cravings, and balance their weight by optimizing hormone health so they can feel like themselves again!

By addressing nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental factors, we will work together to find the healthy balance that you’re seeking.

Together working one-on-one, we will make uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications that will get to the root cause where your symptoms manifest, and help you meet your goals.

If you’re here, I’m guessing:

You have a lot on your plate
It’s causing you to feel unbalanced and irritable
You wish you could gain control of your hormonal symptoms and wake up feeling great
But where do you even begin?

What’s interesting is that you’re no slacker and you certainly tried to resolve this…

You’re a smart, together, person and if you’re anything like me and my clients, you have tried to get healthier and reign in your drinking.

From making deals with yourself to muscling through with willpower it all starts strong but never lasts, right?

You’ve been able to take short breaks from overdrinking and made short-term health changes but never really long enough to notice any benefit.

But lately, with the increasing intensity of life (hello pandemic life! school changes! work from home mandates! Career changes! And more!), you realize you want so much more for yourself than another late night with some treats.

In fact, you’re starting to feel like your life and your future depends on you making a change.

Listen, it’s not your fault.

First, it must be said, because everyone thinks this.

This isn’t your fault. Let’s go ahead and drop the story of somehow it’s just you and you have a problem and everyone else doesn’t.

Nope, there is nothing wrong with you.

The greater truth is this:

  1. Alcohol is an incredibly addictive substance and THAT is what’s messing with your brain, mood and body.
  2. Society and the alcohol industry have bred us to believe drinking alcohol is a normal, necessary part of life and it is essential to having fun and relieving stress. And it’s duped us all into believing you’ll miss out if you dare to drink less or opt out altogether.

But it’s a total lie!

The truth is when you call the shots and feel in charge of your hormonal health and how you take care of yourself, you don’t lose, you gain your life back.

There’s a better way.

With the right support and step-by-step guidance you can totally get this handled for good and make overindulging irrelevant to your life.

When you have someone on your side, who not only has been there, but can also teach you what you’ll need to pull this off – from transforming your beliefs, your physical cravings, your energy, to find the missing nutrients, to retraining your stress response and more, you can actually become the role model you always imagined you’d be.

Imagine this…

Waking up every day with a clear head, energy, and focus, feeling motivated to tackle whatever comes your way, leading you to being more productive on the things that matter – like starting a new business, making art or changing your career.

Looking and feeling more confident than ever before and feeling like you are strong and in control of your decisions.

Being THANKFUL that you no longer have to drink if you choose not to and experiencing JOMO (the joy of missing out) instead of FOMO (the fear of missing out).

Your relationships with your significant other and children improving and being more meaningful and fun.

Feeling fitter as your cravings for alcohol and poor food choices radically diminish and those unwanted pounds naturally start to disappear.

Your energy, mental, physical, and emotional state will be liberated.

Imagine the life (and career!) you will lead when alcohol is not taking up space in your mind, heart, or thoughts and you’re feeling healthier and happier.

It’s possible, and it’s so worth it.

    Be the ultimate role model

    As moms, making mindful decisions about our health is one of the greatest things we can impart on our children. Life is too short  and our children grow up so fast. That said, we have the privilege of setting a good example. The behaviors and mindset we put forward in our own lives can shape their own:


    • Attitudes toward health & wellness
    • Resilience
    • Self-esteem & confidence
    • Future decisions and relationship with alcohol

    Let’s show our children the value of making healthy choices in all aspects of life.

    My approach is compassionate, respectful, and gentle, and will ALWAYS  be centered around your unique history, current lifestyle, values, and future goals. The work we’ll do together will lead to lasting changes that enhance your well-being, elevate your confidence, and give you the freedom in body and mind you never thought possible.

    Ready to take the first step?

    If you’re serious about feeling sharper and better than ever, get in touch here and let’s see if I can help.