My Approach

Normally, when you try to make any sort of lifestyle changes, you look for a “quick fix”, the easiest way to reach a goal. While this sometimes works in the short-term, it usually ends up with you not being able to maintain your goals in the long run. We all know how that goes. It never lasts! Not this time.

In my coaching, we’ll start right where you are and custom create action steps that fit YOU, your time constraints, your preferences, your style, your vocation and your personal life. We will incorporate habits that need nurturing and development over time and cause long-term, positive growth that multiplies. This includes things like exercise, working on your mindset, mindfulness and meditation, gratitude practices, sustained healthy eating, etc.

Letting go of overindulging, optimizing your health and discovering a new purpose beyond parenting requires a multi-pronged approach.

During our coaching, we’ll cover topics like…

Rebalancing Nutrition – It’s much easier to change and make better choices when you are well-nourished and can think clearly. When your body is rebalanced with good nutrition, your cravings for food and drink that don’t serve you will decrease, and you’ll be far less reactive and drained by the end of the day. The food on your plate will become your secret superpower to handling motherhood, social life, and more without overindulging.

Revitalizing Sleep – Did you know that without good sleep your sugar and alcohol cravings will go through the roof? If you are not getting deep, restorative sleep on a nightly basis, this will negatively affect your energy, mood, how you handle stressful situations and more. I’ll show you simple, enjoyable ways to improve the quality of your sleep that not only makes you feel calmer and clearer, but happier too.

Fun Exercise – Getting some sort of daily movement into your day will drain your body of tension, stress and crankiness that most people typically try to eat or drink away. A little bit of daily movement will help you shift your identity to one who is healthy, fit and actively role models good health for your children.

Uplifting Self-care – Elevating your eating, drinking and fitness habits requires learning new routines, rituals and self-care skills that don’t involve eating or drinking. From healthy swaps, to discovering new and exciting tools and strategies that actually rebuild your energy, nourishing self-care (think going beyond a mani-pedi) can be a game changer for your health and vitality.

Stress Resilience – There will always be situations in life that cause stress. Learning how to respond to stress without using toxic substances is life changing (and much more effective!). I’ll show you how calming your nervous system can make the world of a difference when facing a difficult time or when experiencing anxiety. Opening your mind to new ways of handling stress can make you feel like you can do anything.

Mental Game – Becoming self-aware and unlearning toxic beliefs that are slowing you down and contributing to discord in your mind and soul is essential and fun. Gently exploring beliefs about the substance, society and self can provide a huge, positive change in our thinking. Discovering how your brain works, what it needs to allow you to grow and evolve, rather than to working against you will take you to places you never imagined.

Purpose Beyond Parenting – Find new joy in life by discovering a new interest, career or passion that is just for YOU is the inevitable by-product of our work together. When you feel better, clearer and more alive, you have the kind of energy of people half your age that will leave you wondering “what’s next?” Whether that’s starting a new business or career, reconnecting to your art, feeling confident about your immunity in uncertain times, what’s for certain is that getting your health and alcohol use in check takes you right into your future.

Through empowerment, collaboration, education, and support, you’ll awaken to a lifetime of good health.

Be the ultimate role model

As moms, making mindful decisions about our health is one of the greatest things we can impart on our children. Life is too short  and our children grow up so fast. That said, we have the privilege of setting a good example. The behaviors and mindset we put forward in our own lives can shape their own:


  • Attitudes toward health & wellness
  • Resilience
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Future decisions and relationship with alcohol

Let’s show our children the value of making healthy choices in all aspects of life.

My approach is compassionate, respectful, and gentle, and will ALWAYS  be centered around your unique history, current lifestyle, values, and future goals. The work we’ll do together will lead to lasting changes that enhance your well-being, elevate your confidence, and give you the freedom in body and mind you never thought possible.

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